Find paint for every type of painting project at Toolstation. We supply a range of primer paint, emulsion paint and gloss from top brands such as Crown, Ronseal, Dulux and Hammerite,. For interior painting jobs, browse our wide selection of emulsion paints. Our economical 10L Dulux Trade emulsion paint has a broad coverage for both commercial and residential properties. For a paint with minimal odour, opt for the Crown emulsion paint. This emulsion paint has an innovative Breatheasy® formula that’s 99% solvent free. Redecorate facings, including brick, concrete and rendering with our range of masonry paint. For a durable, waterproof and dirt resistant paint, choose the Sandtex masonry paint, with microseal technology. This masonry paint is available in either 5L or 10L pots. For large exteriors, the versatile Bedec masonry paint can bridge fine cracks and stretch up to 400% to allow movement. Browse our range of metal paints, specially designed to apply easily across a variety of metal surfaces. Hammerite paint provides an effective finish an is available with either a hammered or smooth finish. Prepare walls and wood projects with high-quality primer paints. We supply a range of wood primer paints, including Dulux Trade quick dry primer for both interior and exterior hard and soft woods. If mould or damp is an issue, prep the area with Ronseal 3 in 1 mould killer spray before applying Ronseal anti mould paint. Ronseal quick dry anti damp spray paint is excellent for preventing damp stains and dries in just 10 minutes. Spend over £25 online for free delivery or click and collect from your closest Toolstation branch.
                            Leyland Trade Leyland Trade Leyland Trade Contract Matt Emulsion Paint 10L Brilliant White - 94243 - from Toolstation ( 292 )
                            Crown Contract Crown Contract Crown Contract Matt Emulsion Paint 10L Brilliant White - 82422 - from Toolstation ( 269 )
                            Industrial Spray Paint 500ml Satin Black - 80525 - from Toolstation ( 285 )
                            Dulux Trade Dulux Trade Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt Emulsion Paint White 10L - 94109 - from Toolstation
                            ( 4 )
                            Leyland Trade Leyland Trade Leyland Trade Acrylic Primer Undercoat Paint White 2.5L - 78174 - from Toolstation ( 256 )
                            Industrial Spray Paint 500ml Matt Black - 36577 - from Toolstation ( 285 )
                            Leyland Trade Leyland Trade Leyland Trade Contract Matt Emulsion Paint 10L Magnolia - 62343 - from Toolstation ( 63 )
                            Industrial Spray Primer 500ml Grey - 92867 - from Toolstation ( 54 )
                            Zinsser Zinsser Zinsser B-I-N Primer Sealer Paint White 1L - 20920 - from Toolstation ( 70 )
                            Zinsser Zinsser Zinsser Cover Stain Primer Paint White 500ml - 56164 - from Toolstation ( 97 )
                            Line Marking Spray Paint 750ml Yellow - 71692 - from Toolstation ( 28 )
                            Zinsser Zinsser Zinsser Peel Stop Primer Paint Clear 1L - 44309 - from Toolstation ( 53 )
                            Leyland Trade Leyland Trade Leyland Trade High Gloss Paint Brilliant White 2.5L - 93926 - from Toolstation ( 83 )
                            Industrial Spray Paint 500ml Bright White - 98041 - from Toolstation ( 285 )
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